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Bariatric Services and Surgery in Dallas, TX

Recent studies show that the majority of Americans suffer from obesity and obesity-related health issues, including acid reflux, sleep apnea, diabetes, and heart disease. If you’re on the road to wellness and need more than diet and exercise to help you lose the weight for good, consider gastric bypass surgery.

As the leading doctor for bariatric services and surgery in Dallas, TX, Dr. Michael Sutker M.D., P.A. offers gastric treatments that will help you accomplish and maintain your weight loss goals. At his clinic, Dr. Sutker and his skilled medical team will meet with you, listen to your goals, give you a thorough examination, and let you know if gastric bypass surgery is right for you. We’ll decide on a safe and effective procedure that will give you lasting results. 

To keep you happy, healthy, and confident after your bariatric surgery, we also offer postoperative body contouring options and weight management support that will ensure you have the best possible chance of success. Contact our clinic today to schedule an initial consultation.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

As an accredited center for bariatric procedures in the City of Dallas, we have proven expertise in gastric bypass surgery. Depending on your current health condition and your weight loss goals, we’ll plan a procedure that will significantly decrease the size of your stomach and your body’s ability to store fat and nutrients. Most gastric bypass surgeries involve putting the patient under anesthesia before creating a smaller stomach that redirects digested food into the small intestine.

While gastric bypass surgery is considered safe and effective for weight loss, it’s possible that some complications may arise, including ulcers, gallstones, blood clotting, and more. To minimize your chance of complications, we’ll assess your overall health with a thorough examination and get a solid understanding of your medical history before deciding on a procedure. We’ll explain proper preoperative diet, provide postoperative instructions, and advise you on reconstructive options after you recover to ensure you feel confident with your new shape.

At our clinic, we offer the following bariatric services and procedures:

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy has recently become a popular alternative to traditional gastric bypass surgery and has the potential for less complications. This procedure restructures the size and shape of your stomach into a tube. This smaller, “sleeve-like” shape restricts the number of calories and the amount of fat your body absorbs. As a result, you’re less likely to overeat, your appetite will be diminished, and you’ll lose the unwanted weight.

Lap Band Removal

The Lap Band is a surgically inserted adjustable band that sections off the stomach into two parts in order to restrict food intake. Though the Lap Band is a popular bariatric procedure, it comes with an ever-growing list of complications. Reported problems include Lap Band malfunctions, blood clotting, esophageal dilation, indigestion, vomiting, gallstones, and more. Dr. Michael Sutker M.D., P.A. will safely remove your Lap Band and help you find a healthier alternative to meeting your weight loss goals.

Obalon Balloon System

The latest in bariatric medicine, the Obalon Balloon System involves swallowing a small capsule that expands into a balloon-like ball within your stomach. This noninvasive technique suppresses your appetite by curtailing the amount of food that fills your stomach. With proper lifestyle changes that include a healthy diet and exercise, patients see incredible results. Once your weight loss goals have been met, the balloon will be collapsed and removed.

Find out if one of our bariatric services or surgeries is right for you by contacting Michael Sutker M.D., P.A. in Dallas, TX, today.

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