Lumpectomy Procedures

Dr. Michael Sutker, MD, PA Performs Lumpectomies in Dallas

If you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and are looking into having the cluster of abnormal tissue removed, call Dr. Michael Sutker MD, PA. You don't have to go through this alone. Sutker and his team of professionals will help you get through your diagnosis and talk about all of your options, including getting a lumpectomy. This is also referred to as a breast-conserving surgery, partial mastectomy, or excisional biopsy. Instead of removing the entire breast as you would see in a mastectomy procedure, Dr. Sutker will only remove the lump and some of the breast tissue around the tumor. The other great thing about this general surgery procedure is that it only takes a few hours to complete and only requires local anesthesia. Most patients can even go home the same day.

Why Should You Get A Lumpectomy?

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, visit Dr. Michael Sutker, MD, PA in Dallas, TX. If you and your oncologist discover your tumor is less than 5 centimeters in diameter, and you have enough tissue around the tumor not to leave your breast misshapen, you are a great candidate for this quick general surgery procedure. There will also be some follow up radiation treatments needed to help stop the tumor from coming back and growing into a mass again.

If you are suffering from other diseases such as lupus or scleroderma, we will have to work together to find other options to help you. In addition, if there are two or more tumors that would require multiple cuts, Dr. Sutker may suggest not going with a lumpectomy procedure, as the cuts required may leave your breast misshapen. If you have already had radiation treatments, it's risky for your body to go another round, which is required when receiving a lumpectomy.

What to Expect from Your Breast Mass Excision

Once you come into the office of Dr. Michael Sutker, MD, PA in Dallas, TX will be your partner through the whole time. He will walk you through the entire process of the procedure, giving instructions on the days following up to surgery. Rely on him for any questions or concerns that you may have before heading into your lumpectomy procedure. Here are some of the other things you can expect after getting your local anesthetic: 

  • The procedure begins with Dr. Michael Sutker making an incision just above the areola of the infected breast or directly over the malignancy.
  • He will then remove the tumor and some of the tissue surrounding for testing after the surgery. These tests will help him determine if cancer has spread further than anticipated. Sentinel nodes in the underarm area are generally the first place cancer will travel.
  • Sutker may also partner this with the lumpectomy procedure. It will help him find more about where or if the cancer is traveling throughout the body.
  • To close out, he will stop the bleeding, close the cut with stitches that will dissolve over time, and place a bandage over the wound

Reach Out to Dr. Michael Sutker, MD, PA About a Lumpectomy

If you have any questions about lumpectomies or any other general surgery options provided by Dr. Michael Sutker, MD, PA and his team, please reach out as soon as possible. We understand that you have many choices for healthcare providers in Dallas, TX. We strive to make you feel as relaxed as possible and are here to answer any questions and listen to comments and concerns. We encourage you to search through the website for information about our services and are more than happy to set up a consultation with you and Dr. Sutker. Call (972) 464-2880 today!

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